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Class Assignment from Hell…but not really :)

I’m so excited that this is my first post of a blog!  Ok, so I must admit, this blog is part of my grade for my Sexuality and Social Media class but hey, its a pretty cool assignment and I’m gonna have a blast with it, especially since my blog is about food and sexuality.  So here’s what we’re supposed to post for our first post:  a thesis on what our blog is about, sources we’ll explore in response to our thesis and why we chose that thesis.

Thesis: Gender and Sexuality have an unrecognized influence on society’s views on the treatment, presentation, and use of food.

Sources I’ll explore:

articles, tv shows, my own observations by going to restaurants (yum in my tum), and anything else that comes my way!

I chose this because I love studying food, sexuality, and gender and quite honestly if you love food, this is a different way to look at food and not just as deliciousness that we see before us.

Hope you all love my blog and if at first you don’t, keep reading cause I’m sure you’ll grow to like it.   🙂

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