About Josh

I am a student at American University and I’m majoring in Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies.  I’m a junior here and graduate in one year! Plan for after college?  I’m going to culinary school.  Weird right? Well, my parents said, “Josh, pleeease go to college before culinary school” and as I didn’t want to disappoint them, I said,”Okey dokey.”  So here I am, my third year at AU and thanking my parents that they made me go here, because I’ve found my other passion, Gender and Sexuality.  Also, being the nerd I am, I’m thinking of ways to combine passions, food and gender/sexuality…….and what a better way than to start a blog!!!  Yes, that’s right, this blog is going to examine gender/sexuality within food.  So if you love food and sex…..follow me!    🙂   Also, follow me on twitter, http://www.twitter.com/joshlo57

 eating a huge bowl of ice cream, a little bit of sexy and deliciousness


One thought on “About Josh

  1. The line encouraging people who love food and sex to follow you had me laughing out loud! Great marketing!

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