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Is this goodbye?


Well, I certainly hope that I left an impression on all of you and that you learned as much as I have!

I hope that you all have also gained a new lens on how you view life.  I know that sounded kind of hippie-ish but honestly, I really wanted you all to read this blog and take on a different view on food, gender, and sex.  Remember, next time you see a food ad or commercial (think beyond the pictures and visuals and think about what the ad implies).  And next time you go on a date and your date buys you oysters……THINK ABOUT WHAT THEIR INTENTIONS ARE!

Like I said in my first post in this blog, this blog was for class.  But hey, does this mean that I’m going to stop writing in this blog? NO WAY!  My passion for food is constantly growing and I will keep on posting things that I think are really interesting.  Now that I am completely done, I’m also going to say that this blog is going to change slightly.  I will still be posting interesting things but this blog is going to be more of a food blog.  I’ll be sharing my restaurant experiences/reviews and my adventures in the kitchen!

I hope that you all continue to follow me because this is really fun and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my blog.


What does this all mean?

So, what can be said in terms of sex, gender, and food?

As we have seen throughout this bog, everything can be examined with multiple lenses and it can be fun and sometimes really shocking.

By looking at gender in this blog, we can see that gender is all around us and there is no escaping it.  Gender is a social construct and is location specific, which means that how we view gender in our country is completely different to how we view gender in other countries.  When I said that there is no escaping gender, there really is no escape.  Gender is appears everywhere and we perform it every day as well.  Gender shows up in our food, commercials, ads, toys, clothes, etc.

So what can be said about sex and food?

Well, we now know that food is more than just the scrumptious stuff we eat off of our plates.  Food has many faces to it and has much more meaning to it than we have ever imagined.  We have also learned about the various relationships food has with people and our culture.  How the tiniest thing in food advertisements can mean so much.

And in terms of sex, we have learned that sex is also very complicated and there are many things that affect it.  Sex is no longer that simple pleasure that we enjoy.

However, to examine all of these together, the most important thing to note is that all of these are shaped by culture.  Culture is what shapes everything and become part of our society.  What we deem is acceptable food choices, or what is acceptable ways to present products through commercials is all based off of our culture.  This is why the world is so interesting.  Wherever you go, you will inevitably run into a different culture that will challenge you to think in other ways and to try new things.

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